Quantify cyber risk in financial termsand improve cybersecurity performance.

Our solutions measure cyber security performance, quantify cyber risk in financial terms and analyse your IT security budget.

Cyber Risk and Information Security Governance

Cyber risk is a business risk. The digitalisation of our world continues to accelerate and the majority of business activities depend on information technology.

The cost of cyber security incidents

Every year millions of dollars are spent, however the correlation between investment, risk reduction and effectiveness of control solutions is lacking.

Annual Cost of Cyber Attacks

Between $600B and $1000B USD

Spending on cyber security

5% to 15% of IT budgets, continues to increase and reached $125 Billion USD in 2020.

What organizations don't know

Investment in cyber security is often inefficient and organisations struggle with:

How much cyber risk are we exposed to?

Directly or via their supply chain

How to Communicate Risk?

How to communicate Cyber Risk exposure to Senior Management and Board members.

How much should we invest?

Whether the degree of investment is sufficient and in the right areas.

Regulatory obligations

How to get ahead of the increasing regulatory obligations to demonstrate good Cyber Risk Management.

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Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) benefits

Our CRQ solutions are based on the FAIR framework and the C-Risk knowledge library.

Let's talk about your cyberrisk management goals


Transform how you model, measure and manage cyber risk.


Align IT security spending with your financial cyber risk exposure.

Our mission is to prioritise your investments in IT Security, improve your governance and increase cyber resilience. We work with CIO’s, CISO’s, CFO’s, Risk Leadership, Auditors, Digital teams and IT Operations to measure, quantify and manage cyber risk.

We help organisations understand information risk using monetary values, improve cyber resilience by prioritizing control investments and manage supply chain risk. Our solutions will transform how you model, measure and manage cyber risk.


Communicate Cyber Risk in Business terms and increase your Cyber Resilience.

We take a holistic approach to the measurement of cyber risk. Our platform captures information on your business, your value chain and corresponding digital assets. We estimate your financial risk exposure using business metrics, your security performance, and data on your threat landscape.

Our solutions are built on the C-Risk knowledge library of quantifiable risk scenarios and corresponding data sets.

We feed our data model using industry standard control assessments, security performance ratings, threat capability and frequency data along with financial impact research.

The outcome is your Cyber Risk exposure expressed in business terms with actionable recommendations to increase cyber security and resilience.

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Solutions for better cyber risk management

Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ)

  • Our risk assessment solutions provide the key to understand and communicate cyber risk in business terms using monetary values.
  • Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) in financial terms improves decision making and leads to increased cyber resilience
  • The C-Risk CRQ platform is based on non-proprietary open frameworks (FAIR, NIST, etc..) and integrates with standards such as ISO27001 / 27005.

Cybersecurity Performance measurement

  • Security Rating: Manage your publicly facing cyber risk score. This is visible to both external business stakeholders and potential threat agents.
  • Controls Assessments: Cyber Maturity and controls assessment based on industry standards such as NIST, CIS20 and ISO27001.
  • Budget Benchmarking: Cybersecurity Budget benchmark service to model your spend in line with NIST CSF capabilities and compare with industry trends.

Third Party Cyber Risk Management

  • Almost half of data breaches involve a third party and can often expose organisations to privacy related fines.
  • Our Third-Party Cyber Risk management solution is design to help organisations manage this complex set of risk scenarios.
  • We integrate smart policy development, automated security ratings with an innovative workflow solution to provide an end-to-end managed service

Cyber risk

Why Quantify Cyber Risk in Financial terms - Common CRQ use cases and outcomes.


Communicate risk in financial terms to executive management and the board.


Size and Allocate your information security budget efficiently.


Choose the risk reduction solution with the best return on investment.


Understand 3rd party cyber risk exposure in business language.


Negotiate the optimal cyber insurance policy.


Facilitate regulatory compliance

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