Introduction to Cyber Risk Quantification with FAIR™️Les 18 juin 2021

“Introduction to Financial Quantification of Cyber Risk with FAIR™️" covers the basic principles of cyber risk quantification in financial terms. It presents the FAIR taxonomy and analysis methodology. Training provided in English.

About the course

The course teaches attendees the limits of current qualitative approaches, how FAIR can complement them and how to measure cyber risk in a defendable manner to improve IT security decisions.

This course also provides guidance on the next steps an organization should take to begin the adoption of cyber risk quantification. course teaches attendees how to scope risk scenarios, model them in FAIR, estimate the data required to perform financial quantification and interpret the results.

Our trainers are OpenFAIR certified and have extensive operational experience using the FAIR model to quantify risk.

Price per person -  595€ HT

Training materials in English

Wednesday, 26 May 2021 @09:00 AMFormation en ligne via Livestorm