About Open FAIR Certification

Updated: Jan 22

The Open Group FAIR Certification for People program is aimed at meeting the needs of risk analysts and organizations employing risk analysts. The program is based upon Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR), an open and independent information risk analysis methodology. FAIR provides a model for understanding, analyzing, and measuring information risk. The Open Group has published two standards based upon FAIR, which together constitute the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge:

  • Risk Taxonomy Technical Standard (O-RT). This standard defines a standard taxonomy of terms, definitions, and relationships used in risk analysis.

  • Risk Analysis Technical Standard (O-RA). This standard describes process aspects associated with performing effective risk analysis.

The Open FAIR Certification Program provides certification for people and accreditation of training courses:

  • Open FAIR Certification for People is a market-driven education and certification program that ensures individuals have knowledge and understanding of the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge.

  • Open FAIR Training Course Accreditation provides an assurance mark for training courses and requires an assessment of the course as well as the personnel and organization. In addition, all accredited training courses include the examination in their course fee.



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