Paris, April 30, C-Risk announces the launch of its FAIR™ cyber risk quantification training program

Updated: Jan 21

C-Risk, the European leader in cyber risk quantification using FAIR™ announces the launch of its cyber risk quantification training program.

C-Risk has developed a series of training courses on financial quantification of IT risks. The curriculum covers the OpenGroup FAIR™ standard (Factor Analysis of Information Risk), and the tools used to quantify probabilities of outcomes.

The training program is comprised of two levels, both available in English and French:

CRQ-01 : Introduction to Cyber Risk Financial Quantification (CRQ) using the FAIR™ standard: This 4-hour training course includes:

o FAIR concepts, taxonomy and the associated model (ontology). It also covers the FAIR quantification methodology through the demonstration of a use-case.

CRQ-02 : Performing Cyber Risk Financial Quantification and preparing for FAIR™ Certification: This 2-day training course covers in details:

o The FAIR taxonomy and the associated model (ontology) including the estimation, statistical and probabilistic techniques that underpin it.

o The FAIR quantification methodology using a hands-on approach and a number of examples.

o Students are prepared for the optional OpenFair certification exam.

About C-Risk

C-Risk is the European leader of cyber risk quantification services using the FAIR™ standard. Headquartered in Paris, C-Risk provides training, consulting services and software tools. Our teams help large and mid-sized organisations to quantify their cyber risk in financial terms. We enable better decisions in security investments, cyber insurance coverage and improved regulatory compliance.

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About OpenFAIR™

The Factor Analysis of Information Risk Standard (FAIR™ ) is the only international standard for the quantification of cyber and operational risk in financial terms. The Paris chapter of the FAIR Institute is sponsored and managed by C-Risk. Find out more at



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