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Introduction to Cyber Risk Quantification with FAIR Standard


C-Risk training – 4 hours


  • Intra enterprise (single enterprise*)

  • Inter enterprises (multiple enterprises)

This introduction to the FAIR Standard provides a foundational understanding of the FAIR model and the underlying concepts of FAIR quantitative risk analysis. Trainees can then decide how applicable FAIR is in the context of their organisation

  • FAIR standard Concepts, taxonomy and associated model (ontology)

  • The FAIR quantification methodology

  • Demonstration of a use case

Cyber Risk Quantification with FAIR - Analysis Fundamentals


Application of the FAIR model to quantify risk in financial terms and preparation for the OpenFAIR Certification


C-Risk training – 2 days

  • Inter enterprise class available in the C-Risk Paris Office with attendees from multiple organisations.

  • Intra enterprise class can also be delivered in a course tailored exclusively for your organisation either in the C-Risk Paris office or at your location.

FAIR Analysis Fundamentals prepares attendees to quantify cyber risk in financial terms within their organisations. This course provides a detailed understanding of the FAIR Model and underlying concepts.

  • The FAIR standard Taxonomy and the associated model (ontology) in detail, including the estimation, statistical and probabilistic techniques that underpin it

  • Risk scenario and Scoping process

  • Quantifying probability of event and magnitude of loss

  • Mapping IT controls to corresponding parts of FAIR Ontology

  • Understanding and interpreting FAIR Analysis results

  • The FAIR quantification methodology using a hands-on approach and a number of examples

  • Attendees are prepared for the OpenFair certification exam

* Same enterprise session limited to 8 persons