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The journey to quantifying information

risk in financial terms

Introduction to CRQ with FAIR

Provides the foundational knowledge to identify the value cyber risk quantification can bring to your organisation and what next steps to take.



Practitioner & certification preparation

FAIR AnalysisFundamentals teaches attendees how to quantify risk in financial terms and prepares them for the OpenFAIR Certification exam.

CRQ PoC / Pilot

This professional services engagement performs a pilot risk assessment and quantification exercise on one of your organisations use-cases. 

CRQ on-demand services

Standard or customized CQR professional service packages to assess and quantify your risk scenarios.

Selection & deployment of a

CRQ SaaS platform

Integration of CRQ into your management activities. Ongoing support services to ensure our client get the most value from their CRQ investment. 

Introduction to Cyber Risk Quantification with FAIR Standard


C-Risk training – 4 hours


  • Intra enterprise (single enterprise*)

  • Inter enterprises (multiple enterprises)

This introduction to the FAIR Standard provides a foundational understanding of the FAIR model and the underlying concepts of FAIR quantitative risk analysis. Trainees can then decide how applicable FAIR is in the context of their organisation

  • FAIR standard Concepts, taxonomy and associated model (ontology)

  • The FAIR quantification methodology

  • Demonstration of a use case

* Same enterprise session limited to 8 persons

Cyber Risk Quantification with FAIR - Analysis Fundamentals


Application of the FAIR model to quantify risk in financial terms and preparation for the OpenFAIR Certification


C-Risk training – 2 days

  • Inter enterprise class available in the C-Risk Paris Office with attendees from multiple organisations.

  • Intra enterprise class can also be delivered in a course tailored exclusively for your organisation either in the C-Risk Paris office or at your location.

FAIR Analysis Fundamentals prepares attendees to quantify cyber risk in financial terms within their organisations. This course provides a detailed understanding of the FAIR Model and underlying concepts.

  • The FAIR standard Taxonomy and the associated model (ontology) in detail, including the estimation, statistical and probabilistic techniques that underpin it

  • Risk scenario and Scoping process

  • Quantifying probability of event and magnitude of loss

  • Mapping IT controls to corresponding parts of FAIR Ontology

  • Understanding and interpreting FAIR Analysis results

  • The FAIR quantification methodology using a hands-on approach and a number of examples

  • Attendees are prepared for the OpenFair certification exam