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Transform your strategy and build synergies through collaboration with our CRQ experts

From Cyber Risk Quantification to cyber due diligence during an M&A process, C-Risk partners with you so you can make defendable decisions and build a cyber strategy that aligns with your organization's risk appetite.

Scope your top risk scenarios

The core of our business is empowering organizations to cultivate new and secure channels for growth with risk-based quantification methods. Our team will help accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Reduce bias in the decision-making process

Cyber Risk Quantification uses quantification techniques, models, and frameworks to calculate an organization’s exposure to risk in monetary terms. You can also compare your risk posture to industry benchmarks. These data-driven methods provide the basis for informed decisions at all levels.

Manage tools and platforms

Our Cybersecurity and Risk Management Consultants are well-versed in the most powerful tools for measuring and modeling risk. Depending on your needs, we can help you choose the right tool, build data sets, and create dashboards and reports for critical stakeholders.

CRQ Approach

Bespoke CRQ solutions for critical business decisions

Leveraging expert analysis

Our CRQ approach, rooted in the FAIR standard and methodology, offers a comprehensive, quantifiable analysis of cyber threats specific to your unique business operations. We partner with CISOs, CFOs, and risk professionals, leveraging our expertise to inform specific, critical decisions such as M&A activities and cost-benefit analyses with precision and confidence.

Our rigorous processes, based on the FAIR taxonomy, incorporate high-level analyses, detailed reports and recommendations on how to meet your diverse needs. In evaluating your organizational framework, risk appetite, business constraints and current IT risk management strategy as well as industry dynamics, we can provide you and your team with actionable insights, including control assessments and the mapping of risk scenarios to the MITRE ATT&CK kill chain, so that you can effectively mitigate cyber threats.

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Industry-Specific Reports

We can provide specialized industry reports that are relevant to your decision where standard industry reports may fall short.

M&A Control Assessments

During the due diligence phase, our team of experts conducts detailed assessments to uncover potential cyber threats and control gaps introduced by new data types or IT system integrations. We quantify the financial impact of remediation and provide insights that could impact the acquisition price, ensuring that both parties are well-informed and prepared for a resilient cyber environment post-acquisition.

Mapping the MITRE ATT&CK Kill Chain

Our expertise extends to mapping the MITRE ATT&CK Kill Chain to your quantified risk scenarios. This granular approach looks at which controls are most efficient at which stage of the kill chain or loss event and where you can improve these controls to reduce the financial impact of a cyber incident.

Risk-Based Approach to Infosec Investment Decisions

When you have a specific decision to make, we use CRQ methodologies to address the critical digital assets and value chain to determine which investments could reduce the financial impact of cyber and technology risk.

Customized Training

We help develop the skills of your CRQ analysts through customized training modules tailored to your specific use cases. Our adaptable curriculum caters to teams of all maturity levels.

CRQ advisory and consulting services at work

We support your unique use cases with data-driven insights and solutions.

luxury goods group cyber risk
Luxury Goods Group

Our CRQ experts were tasked with expanding an existing CRQ program across business units and on a global scale. In addition, we produced periodic risk assessments per business unit for corporate assessment of cybersecurity governance.

financial services group cyber risk
Financial Services Group

Our experts scaled the company's internal CRQ program and added quarterly risk assessments for technology risk governance and control capability as well as performance assessments and Reporting Risk assessment models for regulatory compliance.

telecom company cyber risk
Telecom Company

We developed a bespoke training program for the CISO's and CRO's global teams. The program was focused on both the theoretical approach and the practical methods of Cyber Risk Quantification as well as implementing the Open FAIR standard.

Accelerate your digital growth with data-driven insights from our team of cyber risk experts.
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Harness the power of our risk-based and data-driven insights. We work with you to quantify your cyber and technology risk in financial terms and improve risk communication throughout your organization and with external stakeholders.

Why this solution

C-Risk Consulting and Advisory Services

We work with CISOs, CSOs, CFOs, executive management and risk professionals in all sectors, from Healthcare and Financial Services to Advertising and Critical Infrastructure. Our experts quantify cyber and technology risk in financial terms, measure cyber security performance, analyze IT security budgets, and help ensure your regulatory compliance.

Risk-Based Approach

Cyber Risk Quantification identifies and measures your cyber and technology risk in financial terms. Before investing in controls, your critical digital assets are identified and cyber threats are quantified using ranges and probabilities so you can make more informed infosec investment decisions.

Advanced Analytics

We collect data from open sources, threat intelligence feeds, cybersecurity reports, government databases, and other reports that can be used with your platform. Even small amounts of data can be used for a Monte Carlo simulation, providing a range of possible outcome values.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our FAIR-certified CRQ analysts come from diverse backgrounds in risk management, cybersecurity, information systems, engineering, and financial markets. They are experienced in advanced quantification methodologies to identify and measure cyber and technology risk.

Your Role

Who do we support with our CRQ Consulting and Advisory Service?

C-Risk's Consulting and Advisory Services assist key decision-makers and stakeholders in understanding, quantifying, and managing cyber risks effectively. We can work specific problems or questions pertaining to an information security decision, address governance or oversight issues as they relate to compliance or help you assess your controls, including your cyber risk insurance policy.


With CRQ as a foundation, the C-suite can foster an enterprise-wide understanding of cyber and technology risk, ensuring that strategies are aligned across all levels of leadership and that the organization is collectively positioned to respond effectively to cyber threats.

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Senior Management

CRQ provides a data-driven and risk-based approach to risk management. CRQ insights allow you to communicate cyber risks in financial terms so security investments are aligned with your risk appetite to help achieve business objectives, leading to improved cybersecurity oversight and compliance.

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Risk Professionals

CRQ offers a comprehensive, data-informed perspective on the cyber and technology risk. It equips you with the means to quantify risks in financial terms, facilitating clearer communication with critical stakeholders and aiding in the strategic prioritization of risk mitigation efforts.

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C-Risk Success Stories

"state-of-the-art approaches"

C-Risk is a thought leader and ambassador of Cyber Risk Quantification in Europe with a strong influence on the market. The team is working relentlessly on educating organizations and quantifying their top risks with state-of-the-art approaches in order to improve decision-making on (cyber) risks. 

David Steng
Director Cyber Risks & Economics @ Fresenius Group

"I highly recommend C-Risk"

Over the past two years, I have worked with C-Risk on a number of projects, from performing FAIR-based quantitative risk assessments and consulting on Information Security strategy to GDPR/SOX 404 compliance work. C-Risk has a deep understanding of each subject area, in particular the FAIR methodology. They have a flexible approach and are able to scale depending on your needs. I highly recommend C-Risk to anyone seeking risk assessment or information security consulting services.

Markus Kaufmann

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Here are some answers to your commonly asked questions.

Does C-Risk have a proprietary tool for CRQ?

C-Risk is tool agnostic. There are several quality FAIR-based CRQ tools on the market and we are train to use them. Our cyber risk experts can help you choose and implement the best tool or platform or we can work with the tool you already use. We also provide training in the tools so that your team can become independent, if that is your goal.

Do I have to choose between quantitative and qualitative risk management?

Of course not! If you are just beginning a CRQ journey, quantitative data, for example, can enrich your traditional risk registers with data points for more informed decision-making and prioritization.

What is the FAIR™ methodology?

FAIR is a taxonomy and quantitative risk analysis model for cybersecurity and operational risk that helps organizations measure, manage and communicate risk in financial terms.