Quantify your 

Cyber Risk 

Increase your company's cyber resilience

Size and Allocate your information security budget efficiently

Accurately identify and measure cyber risk scenarios in financial terms to improve information security investment decisions.

Understand 3rd party cyber risk exposure in business language

Identify, measure and communicate 3rd party cyber risk exposure. Prioritise remediation initiatives.

Choose the risk reduction solution with the best return on investment

Using what-if risk scenario analysis, choose the security control resulting in greatest risk reduction measured in financial terms. The results might surprise you!

Negotiate the optimal
cyber insurance policy

Which cyber risk scenarios should be transferred to an insurance policy ? What level of coverage is cost effective and what exclusion clauses are unacceptable?

Communicate risk in financial terms to executive management and the board

Cyber risk is a business risk and all stakeholders should understand the financial impact  to the organisation in plain non-technical business language.

Facilitate regulatory compliance

Demonstrate to regulators a consistent, metrics driven, and defendable decision-making process for risk scenario analysis and mitigation choices.

About C-Risk

We are highly specialized in Cyber Risk Quantification in financial terms for the purpose of improving information security governance and investment decisions.

We provide a pragmatic alternative to the current market propositions which range from people intensive proprietary approaches to fully automated solutions which are too high level and can provide misleading data.

We believe in the use of open non-proprietary methodologies. Our Services are built on the FAIR™ ‘Factor Analysis of Information Risk’ framework. This model is the de facto international OPEN standard for cyber risk quantification.

We are platform and tool agnostic. We advise clients on the best approach and tool considering their context and desired outcome. We build strategic partnerships with the main platform and service providers and select the appropriate solution for each situation.

We are passionate about Cyber Risk Quantification and we invest in developing and promoting FAIR in the community. We are sponsors and active members of the FAIR Institute.





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