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Contextualize your cyber and technology risk in business-relevant terms with C-Risk's advanced quantitative risk management solutions. Our data-driven approach will help you operationalize and automate your risk management strategy, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve resilience.

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C-RISK Insight

Align your cybersecurity strategy with your business objectives

What does it mean to measure cyber risk in financial terms?

Your financial performance is directly linked to your business activities. When one of these activities is interrupted for any amount of time, you can face financial loss. The loss can be via production shutdown, reputational damage or even fines and judgements. Our CRQ approach measures the statistical probability of a loss event and the range of financial loss you could incur as a result.

What are the benefits of Cyber Risk Quantification? 

Clear communication with the board

Use business metrics to defend strategic cybersecurity decisions

Prioritize budget decisions

An actionable timeline can be established based on risk frequency and cost

Improved regulatory compliance

Regulatory reporting and oversight requirements are met for DORA, NIS 2, IDW PS 340, or the SEC with CRQ

Digital value chain

Map your business processes and discover your digital crown jewels

Improved cyber-risk controls

Risk scenarios identify cybersecurity controls that could benefit from increased investment or areas where you are overspending

Measurable ROI

Demonstrate financial performance of cybersecurity budget decisions with cyber risk quantification

C-Risk Advantage

Optimize Your Cyber Risk Management: Solutions with Proven ROI

We collaborate with CISOS, risk professionals, IT teams, and executive management to deliver data-driven solutions that elevate your cyber risk management, compliance and governance. We transform data and information into actionable knowledge that strengthens your cybersecurity approach and minimize cyber risk. Coming from diverse backgrounds in risk management, cybersecurity, information systems, engineering, and financial markets, our FAIR-certified analysts are uniquely equipped. Being platform agnostic ensures our recommendations are tailored precisely to your needs, maximizing value for your risk management strategy.  

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Scope, model and quantify your cyber and technology risk

Quantifying cyber risks in financial terms enables businesses to make informed decisions, prioritize investments, and measure the ROI of their cybersecurity initiatives, ensuring a proactive and strategic approach to digital defense.

fair certified risk experts
Learn Cyber Risk Quantification from FAIR-certified risk experts

Be on the cutting edge of cyber risk analysis. Master quantitative risk analysis using the FAIR standard and methodology. This globally recognized approach enables you to quantify and manage cyber threats.

benefit platform knowledge library c-risk
Access the C-Risk knowledge library

Access the C-Risk knowledge library Our data-driven solutions are built on the C-Risk knowledge library of quantifiable risk scenarios and corresponding data sets. We feed our data model using industry standard control frameworks, security performance ratings, threat capability and frequency data along with financial impact research.

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Global reach with a proven track record of success

We have supported quantification programs for diverse organizations across the globe including Fortune 500, CAC40, critical infrastructure, banking and financial services, healthcare, pharma, retail and luxury brands. Our high client retention rate is evidence of our strong commitment to providing premium cyber and technology risk solutions.

Strengthen your organization's cyber resilience with Cyber Risk Quantification

Is your organization poised to ride the next wave of disruption or lead the charge in innovation? C-Risk's Solutions provide data-driven insights that will improve your cyber resilience and help prioritize cyber risk.

C-Risk Solutions

Transform how you model, measure, and manage cyber risk

CRQ service c-risk

CRQ as a Service

There's no need to hire additional risk analysts or implement a tool, our turnkey solution provides all the benefits of a robust CRQ program.

Our team of FAIR-certified risk experts will analyze and document your value chains and the corresponding digital Crown Jewels. We identify, model and quantify your top cyber risks in financial terms and provide executive insight reports. In addition, mapping risk scenarios to MITRE ATT&CK model and your control capabilities provides actionable insights into which security controls should be prioritized.  

Annual subscription

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CRQ service c-risk

SAFE One CRQ Platform

Automate and scale your cyber risk program. SAFE One is a state-of-the-art Cyber RiskQuantification (CRQ) platform based on the FAIR standard. First and third-party quantitative cyber risk management is built into SAFE One. By leveraging data from threat intelligence, internal telemetry, control performance metrics, and API integrations, SAFE One provides unparalleled data-rich insights. CISOs can prioritize controls and justify security programs at the speed of business.

C-Risk’s cyber risk experts will onboard your team and provide support as you deploy SAFEOne. You will quickly see value from the first week of implementation with outside-in assessments and more.

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CRQ service c-risk

CRQ Enablement Services

Jumpstart an internal CRQ program with C-Risk. In a matter of weeks, you will be able to demonstrate the value of a CRQ program to execs with data-informed reports and recommendations. Our experts will help you build your internal  capabilities with training, tool implementation, analysis support and data models.

As your CRQ program grows with additional use cases or scales across business units, we will continue to support you with resources and quantitative risk management expertise. When your team is ready, we will step back and let your team take the lead.

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CRQ consulting advisory services

CRQ Consulting & Advisory Services

If you need insight into a specific use case, our C-Risk experts are available to provide support when your team needs additional capacity or specific expertise on a topic.

We offer a range of advisory and consulting services. Whether you need help with a tool, building a knowledge library or support for cybersecurity due diligence during an M&A process, we have the resources and skills to make it happen.

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Cyber Risk Quantification training by FAIRTM certified experts

C-Risk has developed a range of Cyber Risk Quantification training courses. In addition to our CRQ training courses, we offer an executive briefing in cyber risk economics.

Introduction to crq course

Introduction to CRQ for Non-Practitioners

Designed for professionals new to the world of Cyber Risk Quantification, this introductory course provides a basic understanding of the FAIR standard and its application. Tailored to ensure accessibility for non-practitioners.

Defining risk using FAIR
use cases for CRQ
Qualitative vs. quantitative methods
The basics of the FAIR taxonomy
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CRQ FAIR practionners c-risk
CRQ Using FAIRTM for Practitioners

An intensive dive into CRQ analysis, tailored for professionals looking to step up their knowledge. This practitioner-oriented course promises an in-depth understanding of the FAIR methodology and its real-world applications, as well as preparation for the Open FAIR Certification exam.

Key Topics: Defining risk using FAIR, qualitative vs.quantitative methods, data collection, risk scenario scoping, Monte Carlo simulations, and preparation for the Open FAIR Certification exam.

Defining risk using FAIR
Risk scenario scoping
Qualitative vs. quantitative methods
Data collection
Open FAIR Certification exam preparation
Monte Carlo simulations
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executive CRQ briefing c risk
Executive CRQ Briefing

Designed for decision-makers on the board or in senior management, this briefing demystifies Cyber Risk Quantification. By providing a concise yet comprehensive overview of CRQ methodologies, leaders will be empowered to make informed cybersecurity risk management decisions.

Key Topics: Core principles of CRQ, benefits to cybersecurity governance and risk management, and strategic value of adopting CRQ methods.

Core principles of CRQ
Strategic value of adopting CRQ methods
Benefits to cybersecurity governance and risk management
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Interested in exploring C-Risk's solutions further? Let us know how we can help.

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Your Role

Discover the benefits of data-driven solutions and strengthen your cyber resilience with C-Risk

Executive Management

Understand the potential financial impact of your top cyber risks, align your cybersecurity strategy with business objectives and risk appetite, and improve cybersecurity governance and oversight.

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Leverage Cyber Risk Quantification to measure and communicate which initiatives are reducing the financial impact of cyber incidents and demonstrate the ROI of your cybersecurity strategy.

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Risk Professionals

Adopt an open and transparent risk quantification approach with the FAIR Standard to assess and report cyber and technology risks in financial terms, ensuring results are data-driven and consistent across the business.

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How are you protecting your critical digital assets?

Cybersecurity incidents come at a high cost

Source : Cyentia Institute: Information Risk Insights Study Iris 20/20


There is a 6% chance that a Fortune 1000 firm will lose $100M or more in a 12-month period.*


Financial losses for most cyber incidents is around $200k, but around 10% of cyber incidents exceed $20M.* 

1 in 4

Fortune 1000 firms will suffer a loss event this year.*  


Our solutions are built on the C-Risk knowledge library of quantifiable risk scenarios and corresponding data sets. This allows us to quickly perform a risk assessment without taking up too much of your organization's valuable time. Our typical analysis starts with interviews to understand your business value chain and supporting IT assets.

We gather business metrics (revenue, number of employees, of clients, etc.) as well as the maturity of your security controls. We then define the risk scenarios to be quantified. We estimate the frequency and magnitude of the identified scenarios using the information collected combined with our own data sets. The entire process can be completed within a few days thanks to our streamlined methodology. We can quantify your total cyber risk exposure by aggregating scenarios. Scenarios are typically defined by IT asset, per BU, per type of threat, and impact.

Improve cybersecurity compliance and governance with cyber risk quantification

C-Risk will help you build a resilient, risk-based CRQ program that goes beyond compliance requirements and provides data-driven insights for robust governance and defendable decision-making.

cybersecurity compliance governance

C-Risk Success Stories

"State-of-the-art approaches"

C-Risk is a thought leader and ambassador of Cyber Risk Quantification in Europe with a strong influence on the market. The team is working relentlessly on educating organizations and quantifying their top risks with state-of-the-art approaches in order to improve decision-making on (cyber) risks. 

David Steng
Director Cyber Risks & Economics @ Fresenius Group

"I highly recommend C-Risk"

Over the past two years, I have worked with C-Risk on a number of projects, from performing FAIR-based quantitative risk assessments and consulting on Information Security strategy to GDPR/SOX 404 compliance work. C-Risk has a deep understanding of each subject area, in particular the FAIR methodology. They have a flexible approach and are able to scale depending on your needs. I highly recommend C-Risk to anyone seeking risk assessment or information security consulting services.

Markus Kaufmann

"tailored to our needs"

C-Risk is a reliable partner in our transition from a maturity-based to a risk-based information and cyber security approach. Over the past years, with the assistance of C-Risk's professional team, we have assessed several critical cyber risk scenarios using the FAIR-based quantitative risk assessment methodology. One of the most significant values delivered by these assessments was the opportunity to apply the results in defining accurate requirements that were tailored to our needs when updating our cybersecurity insurance policy.

Giorgi Gurielidze
Head of Information Security, CISO @ TBC Bank

C-Risk Partners

C-Risk partners with top-tier technology firms and cyber-risk institutions to provide our customers with cutting-edge tools and the latest insights and research in the field of cyber risk quantification.

Cyber Ireland
Fair Institute
Cyber Ireland
Fair Institute
C-Risk FAQ

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions

What is cyber risk quantification?

Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) is the process of evaluating cyber risks in financial terms. Our definition of risk, which is the "probable frequency and probable magnitude of future loss," is based on the FAIR™ standard taxonomy.

These two key concepts break down further:
Frequency: How many times is a loss event likely to occur in a particular timeframe?
Magnitude: When the loss event occurs, how costly will the loss be?

Then we break down the loss event into loss types.

Loss types describe the many ways your organization or digital assets can be impacted: productivity loss, response loss, replacement loss, fines and judgements, competitive advantage, and reputation damage.

When you add up the cost of the probable magnitude and probable frequency of all the loss types, you are able make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategy.

What is the FAIR standard and methodology?

The FAIR™ standard is a framework designed for cyber risk analysis across all business functions. The standard introduces a taxonomy and methodology that bridge the gap between cybersecurity professionals and executive management through financially quantified risk scenarios that can be compared to one another for more informed decision-making.
The FAIR™ taxonomy defines the specific components necessary for risk analysis, such as risk, threat, vulnerability, etc.
The methodology breaks down risk into specific, measurable factors and uses statistics and probabilities to provide a quantitative estimate of risk.

How are qualitative and quantitative risk management methods different?

Quantitative methods use numerical values to provide data-driven risk analysis, usually in financial or probabilistic terms. Quantitative methods support objective decision-making and comparison. On the other hand, qualitative methods describe risk using categories such as "low," "medium," or "high" and rely on expert analysis. While qualitative analysis provides a general indication of risk, it is more biased and can be interpreted in different ways.

Request a Cyber Risk Strategy Session 

Let’s talk about your current challenges and your cyber risk management goals. Our experts will provide you with insights on Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) approach.

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