C-Risk in a few words

C-Risk provides consulting services to analyse and quantify cyber risk


We use the FAIR (TM) framework, which is an international Open Group (TM) standard for information security risk quantification in financial terms.

C-Risk provides

  • Training and awareness on the FAIR (TM) Standard

  • Consulting services to analyse and quantify cyber risk in financial terms

  • Tool-based risk analysis and quantification using software platforms

What Is the FAIR(TM)  Standard?

  • FAIR (TM) (Factor Analysis of Information Risk (TM) ), an Open Group (TM) Standard, is a practical framework for understanding, measuring and analyzing information risk, and ultimately, for enabling well-informed decision making.

  • The use of FAIR (TM) helps prioritize your organization's

investment in Cyber Risk Management by facilitating risk

assessment and quantifying risk in financial terms.

  • It complements existing frameworks like NIST Cyber Security FrameworkISO/IEC 27005, EBIOS

Why Risk Quantification ?

Our risk analysis and quantification services enable you to:

  • Remove Hype and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) from cyber risk discussions.

  • Consistently communicate about information risk in financial terms.

  • Be confident that the content of your risk register is an accurate reflection of your business exposure to cyber risk.

  • Prioritize which cyber risks to mitigate.

  • Make investment decisions on cyber risk mitigation using defensible financial data.

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