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Senior management - Communicate cyber and technology risk in financial terms

We scope risk scenarios and measure them in financial terms using the FAIR framework, map controls, perform control efficiency assessments, compare business units and provide CRQ training using the FAIR standard. CRQ enables CISOs, CFOs, and their key teams to make recommendations that are quantified and risk-based for enterprise cyber and tech resilience.

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Articulate the business impact of cybersecurity threats in terms that are readily understood by all stakeholders with CRQ

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Communicate in business terms

Cyber Risk Quantification using the FAIR method bridges the gap between risk professionals and business leaders by translating complex cybersecurity threats into data-based financial metrics so that decision-makers across an organization can understand the financial stakes.

Size and justify cybersecurity Budget

Managing budget constraints while maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture can be a balancing act. Our Cyber Risk Quantification Solutions provide insights into which threats could result in significant financial loss, allowing CISOs and senior management to strategically allocate resources.

Instead of spreading resources thinly across all potential threats, CRQ enables you to prioritize areas with the greatest potential financial impact. And when it comes time to justify your budget to the board or other stakeholders, you can demonstrate ROI and defend your strategy with data-driven reports.

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CRQ works for you

Actionable insights. Data-driven decisions. Demonstrate ROI on cybersecurity investments.

With Cyber Risk Quantification, you can identify your cyber and technology risks, assess the impact of your investments in mitigating risk, and monitor risk reduction over time against well-defined targets.

Cyber Risk Quantification

Position your cybersecurity strategy alongside the broader business strategy of your organization. With CRQ, you can facilitate comparisons, track performance of your security strategy, open up dialog with the board and other stakeholders and demonstrate ROI.

Security KPI Dashboard

C-Risk has developed a customized Security Performance dashboard to track monthly performance. This tool can be used to provide first line of defense oversight and facilitate communications between security operations and security governance.

Cyber Due Dilligence for M&A

We scope risk scenarios of the target company, assess what controls they have in place and if there are gaps or conflicts with your controls. In addition, we will scope any new risk scenarios resulting from the merger and the potential financial impact.

Do you want a better way to communicate cyber and technology risk to the board?

C-Risk can help. Cyber Risk Quantification using FAIR™ provides a clear, data-driven framework for translating cyber threats into actionable business insights.

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What we do

Senior management : Deep dive into Cyber Risk Quantification

CRQ analysis using FAIR can be implemented easily and quickly. It is a standalone capability, which is not dependent on the overall organizational maturity.

Top Risk Quantification

Investment decisions in control initiatives are often made without sufficient information and therefore tend to be inefficient. Our CRQ Solutions identifies your critical digital assets and scopes your top risk scenarios so that you can make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategy and communicate to the board using business metrics.

Control capability and mapping risk scenarios

Map your controls and risk scenarios to MITRE ATT&CK to gain insight on controls along the kill chain to better understand your risk exposure.

Optimize cyber risk insurance

Cyber risk insurance is a remediation strategy to transfer risk that as an organisation you’re not able to cover yourself. With a CRQ analyis, we can articulate the best ways to optimize your coverage.

Regulatory compliance

The results of a CRQ analysis make it possible to demonstrate to regulators that you are investing in the appropriate controls to mitigate critical risks.

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Here you'll find answers to some of your questions.

What are some benefits of Cyber Risk Quantification?

Cyber Risk Quantification offers benefits such as reducing subjective biases, promoting a risk-based approach, providing data-driven insights, and enhancing regulatory compliance.

Does CRQ require significant investment or resource allocation?

CRQ is an investment in improved decision-making and risk mitigation. The focus of CRQ is on prioritization to address the most frequent and costly risks. This can lead to significant ROI by mitigating the impact of cyber incidents.

Can CRQ be integrated into an overall business strategy?

Cyber risk is business risk. CRQ analysis will improve prioritization of your infosec budget activities, cyber resilience and governance.