SAFE One CRQ Platform

Drive data-driven risk management with a powerful CRQ platform

SAFE One is the only platform providing first and third party quantitative cyber risk management incorporating data from threat intelligence, outside-in security posture, the performance of your controls, and an industry standard financial loss model. This is why C-Risk has chosen SAFE.  

Operationalize and automate your cyber risk program. Defend critical assets, reduce third party risk, measure security control effectiveness, and demonstrate the ROI of your security decisions. SAFE One is a powerful Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) platform that informs security programs at the speed of business.

Next generation cyber risk management

The SAFE One platform delivers a unified, data-driven solution for managing both first-party and third-party cyber risks, with actionable, enterprise-wide insights.

Manage cyber risk at the speed of business
  • Gain buy-in from executivemanagement with actionable risk reporting
  • Justify IT security control spending with data-driven return on investment analysis
  • Prioritize controls with built-in capabilities leveraging MITRE ATT&CK
  • Leverage a unified view of cyber risk for multiple use cases – Cyber Insurance, M&A, CISO Investment, etc.
Actionable risk assessments
  • Identify the most relevant controls to manage risk and resilience
  • Cost-benefit analysis of security measures and programs of work
  • Assess cyber insurance coverage needs
  • Smart heat maps based on FAIR
Data-rich reporting
  • Real time dashboards with API integration
  • Board-ready reporting
  • Risk analysis incorporating cyber threat intelligence
  • Compliance-ready
SAFE One crq platform

Why choose the SAFE One platform?

FAIR framework

Built on the Open FAIR standard, SAFE One breaks down risk into quantifiable components. This allows CISOs to present clear, data-driven reports that demonstrate return on investment (ROI) and fulfill executive requirements

Automated data ingestion and analysis

Integrate and analyze control performance data using telemetry from your IT infrastructure and API integrations, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy

Continuous control monitoring

Security posture is updated as controls change, threat intel is updated, or new scenarios are introduced

Internal telemetry and cyber threat intelligence

Understand your complete risk picture with a snapshot of internal data and the current threat landscape

Integrated cost-benefit analysis

Make informed decisions with assessments that evaluate the financial impact and cost-effectiveness of a security strategy

Scalable and adaptable

SAFE One grows with your organization, adapting to your changing needs and challenges

Single view of 1st and 3rd party risk

SAFE One streamlines your TPRM by combining automation and 3rd party collaboration

Cyber risk quantification for business decisions

Onboarding and implementation of SAFE One

We have extensive experience deploying CRQ platforms across multiple industry verticals, with a strong focus on achieving time to value. Our collaborative approach ensures a smooth implementation process.

regional retail bank image
Luxury Goods Group

C-Risk worked with internal teams to deploy CRQ across business units. The data-driven insights improved communication with business leadership and guided prioritization of controls.

consumer product company image
PR and Advertising Company

C-Risk provided quick value by deploying CRQ to assess top enterprise risks and used the insights to assess their cyber insurance coverage. The data-rich reports improved board communication and streamlined the IT budget process.

PR advertising company image
Healthcare Company

C-Risk deployed CRQ to automate group risk assessments as well as those of the global business units. The CISO was able to justify IT investments and communicate with the board in business-relevant terms.

Accelerate growth and secure your business with SAFE One
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SAFE One Third-Party Risk Module

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

SAFE One TRPM addresses the gaps in third-party risk management today. Quantify third-party risk to engage business owners. Integrate outside-in assessments with f and third-party control performance to prioritize exposure and inform risk reduction actions. Replace scoring with meaningful business metrics.

  • Automated real-time profiling of third-party risk exposure in financial terms
  • Ingest standard control framework data using AI technology
  • Understand how third-party security control gaps impact your organization
  • Measure third-party risk in financial terms and engage with business owners
  • Collaborate with third parties for effective risk reduction
  • Allow strategic third parties to share continuous control performance data
  • Integrate outside-in signals into financial risk exposure in real-time
  • Streamline the third-party questionnaire process
  • Build effective measurable 3rd party risk reduction plans
  • Understand how 1st party security controls influence 3rd party risk
your role

Who do we support with SAFE One CRQ platform?

Executive Management
  • Stronger security posture
  • Informed data-driven decisions
  • Streamlined cyber risk governance and compliance
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  • Articulate ROI of security controls
  • Aggregate control recommendations
  • Articulate ROI of security controls
  • Automate at scale
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Risk Professional
  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • +100 integrations for asset discovery, vulnerability assessment and more
  • Telemetry and threat intelligence integrated
  • Support of standard control frameworks like MITRE
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SAFE One + FAIR extensions

FAIR model extensions built into SAFE One’s platform provide more granular risk assessments


The FAIR Materiality Assessment Model expands on loss magnitude by breaking down the loss categories into cost modules.


Enables measurement of the impact of controls for a given risk while accounting for how controls impact each other indirectly. The SAFE One implementation of CAM integrates real time data feeds into control performance measurement.


The FAIR Third Party Assessment model enables true data-driven prioritization and risk reduction strategies for TPRM.

Cyber risk quantification for business decisions

C-Risk Success Stories

"State-of-the-art approaches"

C-Risk is a thought leader and ambassador of Cyber Risk Quantification in Europe with a strong influence on the market. The team is working relentlessly on educating organizations and quantifying their top risks with state-of-the-art approaches in order to improve decision-making on (cyber) risks. 

David Steng
Director Cyber Risks & Economics @ Fresenius Group

"I highly recommend C-Risk"

Over the past two years, I have worked with C-Risk on a number of projects, from performing FAIR-based quantitative risk assessments and consulting on Information Security strategy to GDPR/SOX 404 compliance work. C-Risk has a deep understanding of each subject area, in particular the FAIR methodology. They have a flexible approach and are able to scale depending on your needs. I highly recommend C-Risk to anyone seeking risk assessment or information security consulting services.

Markus Kaufmann

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FAQ : SAFE One CRQ Platform FAQ

Here are some answers to your commonly asked questions.

How does SAFE One generate quantitative assessments?

The core of the SAFE’s quantitative risk management assessments is the FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) framework. FAIR is an internationally recognized open standard that decomposes risk into quantifiable components.

What are the main benefits of implementing the SAFE One CRQ platform as part of my security program?

The SAFE One CRQ platform operationalizes data-driven risk management for enterprises through:

  • Automated data ingestion and security analysis
  • FAIR-compliant actionable risk scenario outputs
  • Continuous control monitoring
  • Use of internal telemetry and external threat intelligence
  • Cost-benefit analysis baked in
  • Scalable platform

How long does it take to deploy SAFE One CRQ platform?

The onboarding process is straightforward. From the first week, you will start experiencing the benefits. And at the close of the fourth week, you will be fully operational. The C-Risk onboarding team can hand you the keys.
C-Risk can also work alongside you to support your team with specific use cases or to provide additional training.