Implementing Cyber Risk Quantification(CRQ) in financial terms

CRQ - 02

The course “Financial Quantification of Cyber Risk” prepares trainees to quantify risk in financial terms by providing a detailed understanding of the FAIR taxonomy and analysis methodology.

The course teaches attendees how to scope risk scenarios, model them in FAIR, estimate the data required to perform financial quantification and interpret the results.

This course prepares attendees for the certification.

The exam is not included in the cost and some additional self-study may be required before attempting the certification.

IT security and risk professionals2 days
Anybody with an interest in cyber risk14 hours

You don’t need to be an expert in risk management or an information security engineer to follow this course. A basic understanding of risk management, cyber risk and Information security concepts will be a benefit.

You should be curious, have an open mind and be ready to model risk in terms of business impact and impact of controls.

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