Measuring Your Cyber Security Performance


The importance of ongoing Security Performance measurement

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One key driver of cyber risk exposure is security performance.

Cyber risk is business risk. Effective management of Cyber risk requires a holistic view of the factors driving each risk scenario. One key driver of cyber risk exposure is security performance which can be measured by internal control maturity combined with other factors such as vulnerabilities and volume of incidents. The purpose of measuring security performance is to establish which control areas require improvement. The decision to then initiate a control improvement project should be taken by looking at reduction in risk versus cost.

It is also useful to measure a company’s security performance from an external perspective. This is achieved by automated scanning of internet facing IT assets and publicly available datapoints such as historical data breaches or leaked credentials.

This approach is being used increasingly by external stakeholders to ‘score’ organizations in the same way a credit score works. It is vitally important to manage your external security performance score. A poor score has the potential to damage your reputation, loose business and attract cyber criminals.

Another important dimension to cyber security performance management is understanding your overall annual spend on IT security and whether you are investing in the right areas.

Security performance management should be an ongoing activity and needs to be performed in the context of each organizations business model and risk appetite.


Effective Security Performance Measurement

Our solutions are designed to be non-intrusive, quick to implement, with an actionable output adapted to your business context.

Combining standardized frameworks (NIST CSF, ISO27001, etc..), privacy and industry specific regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc..) with technical control frameworks (CIS) we measure your control performance relative to your business context and key IT assets.

We also propose a security scoring platform to manage your ‘external’ rating and help you identify remediation activates to optimize your score.

Our Cyber Security Budget Benchmarking solution maps your investments to the NIST CSF model and provides a benchmark against industry peers.

Measure and Assess

A holistic suite of Solutions to measure your Security Performance.

Controls Assessments

We provide semi-automated maturity and controls assessment based on industry standards such as NIST CSF, ISO27001, CIS20 and regulatory frameworks when required.

Security Rating

We provide automated scanning of your external facing internet presence including vulnerabilities outside your firewall, compromised data and impersonation of your brand.

Budget Benchmarking

We provide a Cyber Security Budget benchmark service to model your spend in line with NIST CSF capabilities and compare with industry trends.

Report, prioritize remediation and track progress


Security KPI Dashboard: We provide a customised Security Performance dashboard to track monthly performance. This tool can be used to provide 1st line of defence oversight and facilitate communications between security operations and security governance.

These metrics combined with our CRQ solutions provide a unique insight into your maturity and whether your investments are aligned to your Cyber Risk exposure.

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