Introduction to Financial Quantification of Cyber Risk with The Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™) Framework

CRQ - 01

“Introduction To Financial Quantification of Cyber Risk with FAIR” covers the basic principle of quantification of cyber risk in financial terms. It presents the FAIR taxonomy and analysis methodology.

The course teaches attendees the limits of current qualitative approaches, how FAIR can complement them and how to measure cyber risk in a defendable manner to improve IT security decisions.

This course also provides guidance on the next steps an organization should take to begin the adoption of cyber risk quantification.



IT security and risk professionals and anybody with an interest in cyber risk



1/2 day : 4 hours

You don’t need to be an expert in risk management or an information security engineer to follow this course.

A basic understanding of risk management, cyber risk and Information security concepts will be a benefit.

You should be curious, have an open mind and be ready to model risk in terms of business impact and impact of controls.

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