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Join an expert company in cyber risk quantification

We will be opening several dozen positions in the upcoming months. Are you passionate about cyber security and cyber risk management? We look forward to hearing from you!

4 good reasons to join C-Risk

All you have to do is meet us to make up your own mind

A rewarding job

We assist company managers with strategic decision-making issues. To achieve synergy and to produce good value, you will carry out the missions from start to finish as part of a team. Thanks to partnerships with players in this field and to the creation of the European branch of the FAIR™ Institute, C-Risk is recognised for its expertise in quantification.

An input on strategic decisions

In order to go further and to share ideas, the co-founders seek to involve their teams in the company’s strategy. Each year, the roadmap is established with all employees during strategic meetings.

The development of your expertise

Between assignments, there is time dedicated to developing collective and individual expertise. A great amount of leeway is given and prerogatives are granted depending on each individual’s quality of work, abilities, and desires.

A balance between your professional and personal life

You can work from wherever you like (at the office, at home, in a coworking space, etc.) and with the equipment you need (double screen, comfortable chair). You can also adapt your working hours to suit your personal life. The important thing is that the work gets done, not the time of day it gets done.

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