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C-Risk announces a €2.5 million seed round led by Scale Up Capital’s Expert Generation Fund.


Christophe Forêt
President and co-founder of C-Risk
December 14, 2022
c-risk & scale up - fundraising

C-Risk, an international leader in cyber risk quantification (CRQ) and governance, raises €2.5 million from Scale Up Capital’s XPGEN fund to accelerate growth in its existing global 2000 customer base and to launch a new CRQ offering aimed at mid-sized organisations.

Scale Up Capital is investing in C-RISK via its ‘Experts Génération’ (XPGEN) fund. XPGEN invests in the digital transformation of accounting firms and the expansion of their services into innovative new domains.

C-Risk provides solutions to quantify cyber and technology risk in financial terms, improving decision-making and information security governance.

Over the last 3 years, Global 2000 customers have used C-Risk's managed services to better understand, communicate and manage their cyber risk exposure. C-Risk’s innovative solutions help inform information security investment decisions, prioritize control initiatives, optimize cyber insurance, and respond to regulatory requirements.

This investment will help C-Risk

  • Accelerate the growth of its existing customer base in France and Europe
  • Launch a new offering for medium sized European companies, to quantify cyber and technology risk, prioritize mitigation activities and improve their information security governance. This new offering will be available in a B2B model via an international partner network of Accounting and Audit Firms.
"Large companies globally are adopting cyber risk quantification in financial terms to better manage what has become a strategic operational risk. This adoption of rigorous and transparent cyber risk management provides organizations with improved internal decision making, facilitates regulatory compliance and demonstrates commitment to external stakeholders."
said Tom Callaghan, co-founder of C-Risk.
“We are convinced medium size organizations will benefit from a similar approach and will have an obligation to manage cyber risk in a transparent manner. Our new offerings will provide cyber risk governance for medium size companies working in partnership with accounting firms and financial auditors.”

About C-Risk:

C-Risk provides solutions to quantify information security and technology risk in financial terms. We help organisations understand information risk in business terms, decide how to prioritize investments to improve cyber resilience and information security compliance.

Recognized internationally for its expertise in cyber risk quantification (CRQ), C-Risk offers training on the FAIR™️ methodology, CRQ as a Service as well as CRQ Enablement Services to help organizations build their internal risk quantification capabilities and improve their overall information security governance.

About ScaleUp:

Scale Up Capital is an investment company which objective is to accelerate the creation of mid-cap companies in France. Scale Up Capital supports SMEs in their transformation and growth by promoting projects that contribute to recovery, impact growth and innovation in their respective sectors.




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