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Grégoire Paillas
Training Manager
May 21, 2024
C-Risk's upcoming webinars

The cyber landscape is changing rapidly with increased uncertainty and new regulations. The new rules from the SEC and regulations and directives in Europe like DORA and NIS2 have put the focus on cybersecurity and the importance of risk-based methods. It is crucial for businesses to prioritize security investments that enhance cybersecurity resilience and ensure compliance. 

To tackle those challenges, C-Risk will host two webinars in June 2024, and discuss the approach to cyber risk management and how cyber risk quantification training can bring you closer to your goals.

First webinar:

Empowering your team: Discover the essential skills required to quantify and communicate cyber risk in business terms

  • June 4th at 3pm (Paris time)
  • Intended for business leadership and decision-makers like CISOs

  • Gain a clear understanding of Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) and its role in data-driven, risk-based cybersecurity strategies
  • Uncover the benefits and practical applications of CRQ
  • Explore the internationally recognized FAIR Standard
  • Learn about C-Risk’s specialized risk quantification training programs

Register here.

Navigating uncertainty: Discover techniques for quantifying cyber risk with greater confidence and accuracy

  • June 13th at 3pm (Paris time)
  • intended for risk managers

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) through the FAIR method.
  • Explore how the FAIR methodology can be used as a strategic tool in understanding and managing uncertainty.
  • Get an exclusive look into C-Risk's cyber risk quantification training offerings, designed to equip you with essential skills in risk assessment.

Register here.

Don’t forget to register even if you can’t attend. Replay will be available only to registrants.

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Learn more about data-driven risk management and CRQ training