Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) as a managed service

You recognize the need to quantify cyber risk on an ongoing basis but you are not ready to invest in building a complete internal CRQ capability. The C-Risk CRQ managed service provides you with ongoing access to our team of experts and the C-Risk Knowledge Library™.

Our managed service gives you the ability to analyze a pre-agreed volume of risk scenarios and use case projects per quarter.

The delivery process is divided into 3 stages:

Phase 1 : Onboarding Process

Stakeholder and core team identification

Digital Assets and Crown Jewels Assessment

IT Control Environment Assessment

Governance Process

CRQ Platform Deployment

Top Risk Prioritization Project

Phase 2 : Quarterly governance objectives and deliverables

Risk Scenario and Use Case prioritization

Customer Specific Loss Tables Development

Quarterly Risk Dashboard

Phase 3 : Annual report and objectives

Top Risks

Evolution of Risk over time

Summary of Risk Management Actions

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