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Cyber Ireland: C-Risk has joined the organisation


Tom Callaghan
July 13, 2023
C-Risk announcement - meeting

Cyber Ireland is an exceptional cybersecurity organisation that promotes cross-industry collaboration, supports Irish business development and the development of a sustainable pipeline of Irish talent. C-Risk is particularly dedicated to supporting a sustainable pipeline of cybersecurity talent in Ireland as well as increasing awareness of cyber risk quantification for risk management across industries.

Our strong ties to Ireland are reflected in our expanding local team and that one of our founders, Tom Callaghan, is Irish. This proximity reinforces the importance of the development of cyber security talent in Ireland. We continue to hire and train in Ireland to expand our expertise and capability in quantitative risk management.

We look forward to working with other cybersecurity industry professionals, researchers, and policy makers who share a common passion for the digital world and a commitment to the Irish market.