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FAIR Institute Europe Summit - Paris (France)


Tom Callaghan
January 9, 2024
2024 FAIR Institute Europe Summit

The FAIR Institute Europe Summit is back for its second edition!

"Managing Cyber Risk Management in the Age of New Incident Disclosure Rules."

We are pleased to invite you to the 2024 FAIR Institute Europe Summit. This year’s summit will take place on March 13th in Paris, France. This is an exclusive event for FAIR Institute members.

The growing digital footprint of organizations has led governments and regulators to pass new legislation and regulations on cybersecurity reporting and disclosure. With the new SEC disclosure rules and the upcoming the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), there's a growing emphasis on timely disclosure and reporting. These changes require that companies understand their cybersecurity risks at every level. Quantitative risk analysis is a key element in meeting the increased demand for detailed reporting and transparency in cyber risk management, enabling organizations to accurately determine the monetary value of their cyber risks in compliance with new regulations. 

In this context, the FAIR™ methodology the preferred risk model for organizations seeking to quantify their information risk in financial terms to communicate with critical stakeholders in a language they understand. In addition, the FAIR™ methodology can help organizations quantify the value of their cybersecurity investments in terms of bottom-line impact, facilitating cost-effective management of cybersecurity initiatives.

The Summit is an opportunity to learn best practices from industry experts, participate in roundtable discussions and network with peers who are at the forefront of effective cyber risk management. This one-day summit will feature keynote addresses, panel discussions, and case study presentations. Visit the registration page to discover the full agenda for the day!

As this exclusive event is reserved for FAIR Institute members, and due to its popularity, we recommend reserving your ticket todays

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Learn best practices from industry experts, participate in roundtable discussions and network with peers.