Cyber risk insurance can reduce the financial impact of a cyber incident, but often the details are left unexamined.

In this video, Tom Callaghan explains how optimize or negotiate cyber risk insurance that aligns with your business needs. The best way to understand your cyber risk insurance coverage is to measure the most probably and most costly risks and loss types. The Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) and the FAIR methodology is a recognized framework that CISOs use to quantify cyber risks. The result of a CRQ analysis allows you to compare your loss types and those of the insurance policy to see where you are best covered and how to improve coverage.


00:00 : Introduction

01:15 : How do you pick the right cyber insurance policy aligned to your business needs?

02:55 : Questions you need to answer before getting a cyber security insurance

03:28 : Benefits from the CRQ and the FAIR methodology

04:07 : Conclusion

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