PARTNERSHIP | October 5, 2020

C-Risk partner with RiskLens

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Paris, October 5th - C-Risk, a leading European consulting firm specialized in cyber risk quantification (CRQ) using the FAIR™ standard, has signed a partnership agreement with RiskLens, provider of the only enterprise-grade SaaS platform for CRQ using the FAIR standard.

Why this partnership?

Advice and services

C-Risk then provides its clients with consulting and managed services for risk quantification to understand information risk in business terms.

Certified Reseller

This agreement allows C-Risk to also become a RiskLens reseller in the European market.

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To learn more about the partnership

Using the RiskLens SaaS platform, C-Risk provides CRQ consulting services and managed services to understand information risk in business terms and prioritize the corresponding security investments to improve cyber resilience. As a part of the agreement, C-Risk has also become a RiskLens reseller in the European market.

We have collaborated closely with RiskLens since the very start of C-Risk, the expertise of the RiskLens team in the world of cyber risk quantification is unparalleled. Formalizing our relationship by becoming an official partner and reseller of the RiskLens platform is the naturel next step. When dealing with large cyber risk quantification programs, RiskLens was the obvious choice to support our CRQ managed services and provide the best value for our customers.
Tom Callaghan, C-Risk co-founder

The cybersecurity industry has moved to adopt cyber risk quantification and the use of the FAIR standard in enterprise risk management programs to support decision making. Senior management expect defendable and objective reports that will help prioritize cyber security investments or optimize cyber insurance policy premium, coverage and exclusion clauses.

C-Risk has been a pioneer of CRQ in the European market and RiskLens is excited to take our partnership to the next level. We look forward to working together with the joint goal of making our customers CRQ programs a success.
Nicola Sanna, CEO of RiskLens.

About C-Risk


C-Risk is a leading European consulting firm which provides cyber risk quantification training, consulting and managed services to improve companies’ information security governance and cyber resilience. Using cyber risk financial quantification, we enable better decisions in security investments, third party cyber risk management and improved regulatory compliance.

About RiskLens

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RiskLens empowers large enterprises and government organizations to manage cyber risk from the business perspective by quantifying that risk in monetary terms. RiskLens is the leading provider of quantitative cyber risk management solutions, which combine software and professional services, designed to enable the creation of cyber risk quantification programs. Its platform is recognized as a mission-critical business application for cybersecurity and risk teams across the Global 2,000. Clients depend on RiskLens solutions to better understand and communicate their cyber risk exposure in financial terms, prioritize their risk mitigations, measure the ROI of their security investments, and meet regulatory demands calling for the quantification of cyber risk. RiskLens is the only cyber risk quantification software purpose-built on FAIR, the standard quantification model for information security and operational risk.

A propos de OpenFAIR™

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The Factor Analysis of Information Risk Standard (FAIR™) is the only international standard for the quantification of cyber and operational risk in financial terms. The Paris chapter of the FAIR Institute is sponsored and managed by C-Risk.